Zodiac Blues - Tuesday, April 29, 2008
The Cast



Ok. My name is Elin Ellsmeyer, and I'm a copy editor. Well, I used to be a copy editor, until my boss fired me, the very first day I was there. And since I couldn't very well go on unemployed, I accepted the first job that came my way, working at Starbust Comics. Only I really have no idea what I'm doing here, since I've never read a comic in my life before working here. Thankfully, Phil, Brian and even Daniel sometimes, are here to help me.



Hi! I'm Phillip Lippen, the owner of Starbust Comics. Well, actually, my grandfather is the owner, but he left me in charge until I find what I want to do in my life. To be honest, I love it here, but I couldn't just do everything myself, which is why I hired Elin. She's shy and I should know better than to leave her alone to man the store sometimes, but she's a fast learner.



Hey, there! I'm Brian, one of Phil's regulars. (Well, to be honest sometimes I think I should have stock on the store or something, since my pull list is more like my pullbox, but never mind that) While I do have a job, I like to spend my free time at Startbust, reading the new comics I'm not buying (You know, those five I couldn't afford), and talking with the other clients. I befriended Elin because she looked like she needed a hand, and since then, we became good friends. Now, I'm just trying to get her hooked on Legion of Superheroes, so we have something more to talk about.



Hey! How are you today? I'm Nancy, and I used to be Elin's best friend back in highschool until well, our paths separated. But fate was kind, and now that I work at Showbiz Video, that means I work right across the street from Elin! Not that I understand what's she doing there, as she never liked comics, or even sci-fi on TV. Me? Well, I'm a geek and proud of it! The best part of my job is that I get to cosplay almost daily and I get paid for it! How cool is that? Sure, I don't go over the top like Danny, who is on costume 24/7, but I still love every second of it.



'Lo, everyone. My name is Daniel, and I work at Showbiz Video, the rental store right across Starbust comics. Because my boss is quite a believer in gimmicks to boost sales, you'll usually can see me dressed as whichever movie hero who is popular right now. Not that I mind, since it's a great way to start conversations, and it drives Phil absolutely crazy. His new worker, Elin, fainted when she saw me for the first time, but we've become friends now. In fact, sometimes she'll side with me when Phil starts becoming a bore.

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